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which platform will allow me to do this easily ?

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vijay    122
Hi all graphics experts, I want to develop an application for a stone cutting company which need to cut stones according to clients specifications. Currently they exchange paper drawn designs thru faxes. and every change requires the designer to redraw and fax them to the client. I want to cut short this process. So redrawing will take only few minutes. The requirements are like this. The designer should be able to draw 3d objects easily, rotate them and take printout in different directions. zoom in and out. Designer doesnt want to use any sophesticated s/w like autocad or so. It should be simple and easy. In my first release i am targetting basic structures like 3d objects with minimal complexities. I am thinking of doing it in java usind 3d api and opengl. The requirement is on windows based machine. Does any of you have any suggestions for me ? How about doing it using direct X or opengl on VC++ ? Please do suggest me. u can reach me at Regards, Vijay Chegu

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