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Question on how game develop using Direct3D API

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hmm.. after spending a few weeks searching for informations and articles, this is my conclusion 1. I''ve failed to see where Direct3D comes in the process, a friend told me that it just an API but not an 3D engine so I can forget about making my world into one buffer and let Direct3D transform it. 2. So I''ve search on how "you" game developers have done it.. I get words such as BSP, Octree, Portal, K-Portal, etc.. but never a good resource about those stuffs. 3. Even if I know those theories, I still can''t figure out how to implement it in Direct3D. 4. To make things worst some people say that they''ve used MAX to create a level or 3D world. PLEAZZZEEEE.. help me, as I''ve get more confuse on which one I should grasp first especially if I want to make a game with cool scenery/3D world (indoor/outdoor) and not just world with walls n doors and of course.. more walls n doors ps : I''m not posting this with no knowledge on 3D nor D3D at all, but I totally failed to relate them all to become a good step by step game development approachment.

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all the answers are here


also, do you know any programming language? if not then dont think about game development until you have a firm understanding of the basics [of language of choice].

and if you have never made a game before, then dont expect to be jumping straight into 3D graphics. You'll likely fail, which is disheartening and then you'll be put of game development all together. start small.

1) DX is a multimedia api (sound, graphics, input etc.)
2) dont worry about bsp, octree, portals etc.. yet.
3) when you learn the language and api of choice then you'll understand how to implant ideas, theories and such.
4) max (3d studio max) is a 3d modeling package with many, many features.


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Well, I guess it was my mistake then..
1. I allready know C++
2. I''ve allready program several program using D3D
3. What I don''t know and lack of info is how to make a 3D engine to be able to handle 3D world (indoor/outdoor) and what is the best way to make the level/world editor. Can we use a commercial 3D tools such as MAX ?? but then we need to build our own exporter rite ?? can we use anything other than that ??

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