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Question about "Isometric Game Programming With Directx 7.0" book.

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I''m just curious if anyone here has actually used this book and what their thoughts on it are. I was thinking about getting either this book or one on Direct3D, but writing an RPG is more appealing than anything 3D at the moment. So far I''ve got Ian Parberry''s book plus written one game. I''m hoping to write something like Diablo or Baldur''s Gate, however I''m being realistic and don''t expect to get anywhere near those games by myself. I''m just wondering whether this book will be within my grasp with my brief game programming experience and whether it''ll push me in the right direction towards getting my own RPG off of the ground. Thanks.

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The book starts off with a pretty good intro to DirectX. So even if you are new to DirectX programming, you''ll have a reference for everything that is used later on in the book. If you have NO programming experience, this book is not for you. However, if you are good with C/C++ yet haven''t done much game work, you can get into this book easily.

I am reading the book and enjoying it. I haven''t applied it to anything yet, but there is definitely one game I have in mind that this book is going to help me make. I feel that several of the topics in the book can be applied to many situations. You can use many of the concepts for pretty much any top-down 2D game(not just Civ clones).

PS: I was reading this book last night and looked at the part on techniques for generating repeating textures. I was so proud of myself, because the author''s technique was exactly the same as my idea, and I had never read anything about that topic before in my life!

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