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FPS question

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I have this small ogl application I''m working for. So far, I only have the window, directinput and fonts done, and I''m currently working/learning on a particle engine (or whatever its called). Anyway, I wanted to print the FPS on my application. I used 2 methods. The opengl game programming one and the method I thought was intuitive. The first method never give me more than 85 fps, while I can get as high as 280 with the second one. I have a althon 1.2, with a GeForce2. Which one of these 2 counts (85 and 260) is more accurate? Also, where can I learn more about how to calculate fps in an application?

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Well, first off, if you got different numbers in your two routines, then at least one of them has a problem. As for how to do it, here is a snippet of code that I use (it's for windows)
// Do FPS Calculations.

CHAR strFps[50];
double fTime;
double fDifference;

QueryPerformanceFrequency( &qwTicksPerSec );
QueryPerformanceCounter( &qwTime );
fTime = qwTime.QuadPart;
fFps = (FLOAT) qwTicksPerSec.QuadPart / (fTime - dwTimer);
dwTimer = fTime;
sprintf(strFps, "%3.2f", fFps);

hope that helps...

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