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Smoothing Character Animations

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Hi, I have a character with a look left animation that turns his head to the left and NOT back to center. I was under the impression the character anim system would smooth the transition from the end of this sequence back to the idle sequence but instead it pops back to the idle. It goes from full turn left to full forward. What is the correct way to achieve what I''m wanting so that full left goes smoothly back to full front idle? Thanks, Tony

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Hmmm, seems like I had the same problem with the .md2 format...
What file format are you using? That may help.

Also, yes an animation system CAN help blend animations, but only if you tell it to. And by "tell it to" I mean CODE IT IN. Chances are there''s not going to be a function that says: anismooth(true);

One more thing. Did you program the system yourself, or are you using someone elses? I recommend doing your own, from the ground up. That way you can customise it to your needs and you''ll have a better understanding of WHY your charecters neck is suddenly defying the laws of physics.


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