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New to PR, have misc questions

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I just downloaded it yesterday, so i havent looked through it too thouroughly, but i have a few questions: I get a curious link warning with the samples. It mentions a LIBC conflict and tells me to use /NODEFUALTLIB:library. I assume this is a linker setting, but what exactly does it mean? When i exit the samples, sometimes i fall into very strange resolutions. THe worst one yesterday was 160 pixels wide. Is there any specific cause for this? I also have a couple questions about the engine structure: There are two things: PR_Object and PR_Entity. From what i understand, PR_Entity is one for each thing in the world, a 1:1 ratio. PR_Object defines a single mesh. I could have a tree PR_Object for example, and create 500 PR_Entities from it, correct? PR_Camera is not limited to just one, right? I can have mutliple cameras at different locs with one active camera at any point in time. ANd Those can be switched pretty quickly as well, right? Finally, I think that water is too reflective. How can i decrease reflectivity, ie make a "murky water" effect? DO i apply some sort of blended texture to it? ----------------------------- The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.

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