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resource issues...

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I''m completely lost about resource management in games, and even simple things like keeping track of ordinary game stuff, like player position. or, rather, I do now how to keep track of things, just not how to structure the resources so I can use them whenever I need. In windows you have to check for messages at each frame, so that means the general game loop looks something like this (simplified):
	GameMain(); //run game a frame at a time
This far I''ve been forced to use globals or static variables to not lose the things I need to keep track of (player position, enemies.. etc) and I hate it. I took a look at André LaMothe''s code for TOTWGPG and he uses globals to keep track of everything. What is the vital part of information I''m missing? Please help! /john

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You have a few options:

1. pass your variables as function paramaters
- this is can result in very slow performance
2. use a lot of globals
- generally what most people do - provides excellent performance
3. go to full OOP and encapsulate everything in classes
- this will usually clean everything up
- caution is required as poor style can lead to the same problems that occur in #1
- you may need to develop a few games in this style before you fully comprehend how to do it well(practise practise)

I am currently using the third method for my next game. I find it easier to debug when I program in this style. I have also learned Java in the past and this has helped me a great deal in understanding this way of doing things, as you are forced to do it this way in Java.

Make it work.
Make it fast.

"Commmmpuuuuterrrr.." --Scotty Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home

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