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I''m in no way capable of making a mod (letalone a non-text-based game), but i was interested in how they are made, i mean mods such as half-life mods for instance, CS/DOD/Wanted, is it like a special half-life mod scripting language or are they just made in C/C++, if its 100% different for all games just use half-life as an example in explaining to me. PC-Gaming
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In the case of Half-Life you have to :

* make a dir for you mod in half-life/mymod
* make the various suport files (liblist.gam being important)
* download an SDK
* open it in M$VC++
* edit the C/C++ code
* compile the dlls (both client and server side if certain things are changed)
* run HL
* switch to your mod
* run

That''s about as basic as it gets.
You can add models, maps and sounds etc

Q3 works the same way
Red Faction uses ''table files'' which hold details about weapons etc in them so you can mod teh weapons, however this doesnt allow for the kinda mods you see for Half-life as you cant get at the code.

As for any other games, pass, those are the only ones I''ve looked into

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For Unreal-engine games, the process goes:

1) Create a directory for your project under the base directory of the game (ex: c:\deusex\deusexMyProject)
2) Create a subdirectory within that directory for any or all of the following:
a) Classes (new code behaviour written in UnrealScript)
b) Textures you want compiled into your .u file (more in a bit)
c) models/animations you wish to import
3) Add a line saying "EditPackages=[ProjectName]" to your main game .ini file (ie DeusEx.ini)
4) Run ucc with the "make" option. This creates a .u file with the same title as your project directory and puts it into the \system directory of the game directory structure
5) Create the maps you wish to include
6) Make some relevant changes to the main game .ini file (or use a mod-loading utility)
7) Play

Unreal''s engine is nice because you have a nice scripting system built into every game using the engine and because the editor is CSG-based, but it''s a matter of taste, really.


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