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Drawpixels and Multisampling

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This is pretty esoteric, but here goes: Im using a Geforce3 under Linux with the latest and greatest drivers and Im having a problem using drawpixels when Ive set the environment for an FSAA mode. For my application it is imperative that the pixels end up in the frame buffer exactly as I draw them, bit for bit. The problem is, it seems as though my pixels (drawn with drawpixels) are being antialiased, even though Ive disabled ARB_MULTISAMPLE before I draw them. I can tell, because a readpixels at the same raster position returns the wrong value. This works fine when I disable FSAA in the environment (__GL_FSAA_MODE=0). I would like to be able to draw antialiased geometry and still be able to set pixel values exactly using drawpixels. Is this possible? What am I missing?

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