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Catch key press in dialog boxes

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Im doing some help stuff for a big project and I have a big problem…im not to good with windows API programming and I hope that someone here can help me. I want to be able to press “F1” and depending on which dialog window(or main) that is open I want to show different part of the help file…for example if the a search dialog is open(in focus) and I press F1 I want the help on “Search” to show up. The problem is that if I put a WM_KEYDOWN in the “SearchProc” nothing doesn’t register the key press…It only works on the “MainWinProc”…when the MainWindow is on focus that is. I searched the web and found out the it was a problem with WM_KEYDOWN and other messages in a dialogprocedure and that you could use a virtual function PreTranslateMessage...but that only works if you use classes I guess and the people who wrote this program doesn’t use classes. Does anyone know how I can catch a key press(F1) in a dialog without using classes… I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Edited by - S_Z on January 29, 2002 5:27:48 PM

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I have been working all day on this and I still haven’t found a good solution

Im using IsDialogMessage like this:
if (!IsWindow(hDlg) || !IsDialogMessage(hDlg, &msg))

I have made a little test program with a main window and a dialogbox with 2 buttons and editbox.
I have a WinProc and a DialogProc. Getting a WM_KEYDOWN message in the WinProc when the main window is in focus is no problem but as I said before when the dialog box is in focus you never get a WM_KEYDOWN.
I read that you could make a subclassproc(so that the edit box key get its own proc for example) and then in this
EditSubclassProc you will get a WM_GETDLGCODE and then you get that message you return DLGC_WANTALLKEYS.
Now you will get a WM_KEYDOWN when the Edit box in the dialog is in focus.
I thought I could do so for every control (Editbox, OK and Cancel button) but I couldn’t get that to work…it only worked with one of the controls

Should it be that hard to be able to trap an F1 keypress in a dialog window??
Please...does anyone know a different way to solve this or could tell me what im doing wrong…
I cant use MFC or any classes because this it's a big project and the people who wrote it doesn’t use classes or MFC.

Edited by - S_Z on January 30, 2002 2:31:18 PM

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