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map printing, map to screen

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i have a couple of tricky questions for you guys. lets say i have a 50x50 map, i print this normally, (in html, so i use a table) the map works fine. now lets make a diamond shaped map from this. we rotate the map 45 degrees zo that i stand on one of its corners. now lets say, 0-0 sits on top and 50-50 is on the bottom. i use a browser so i won''t need to handle scrolling, i just need the coordinates on which to print the layers containing the image , this coordinate will be in the top left corner on each layer. i also have to handle even and uneven rows. i allready contacted my math teacher and a couple of other people, but my script just doesn''t work. does anyone know any good algorithems to deal with this? i can''t post my sollution which is not working anyway coz im at work right now.

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dudes? please i am really fed up with this problem, maybe im just pain stupid but i just don't see it.

anyway here my code for now.

its php but that wouldn't matter right?

// width of each image
// height of each image
// the difference that couses isometry to apear in height
// the difference that couses isometry to apear in width

function getlocation($coords){
global $width, $height,$isometricheight,$isometricwidth,$rows,$cols;


$subarray=explode("-", $coords);
// make sure we explode the coords into to seperate peices x and y

// get the y coordinates by calculations.
settype($subarray[0], "integer");
settype($subarray[1], "integer");
echo" $subarray[0]
if ($subarray[0] % 2 == 1) {
// this interger is uneven
} else {

// get the x coordinates by calculations.
if ($subarray[1] % 2 == 1) {
// this interger is uneven
} else {

echo"<div id=\"";
echo $coords;
echo"\" nonostyle=\"position:absolute; left=";
echo $x;
echo"px; top=";
echo $y;


// dbase connecten
// and get 2500 cells, with these thingy's (50-2) etc
function dbconnect() {
mysql_pconnect("localhost", "*****", "*****" );
mysql_select_db("******") or die ("Unable to select database");


$result=mysql_query("select * from webgame");
while(list($id, $bgr, $inh, $p1, $p2, $p3, $p4, $game, $owner)=mysql_fetch_array($result)){


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You should''nt really rotate 45 degrees (90 degrees maybe), it completely distorts perspective (tile shape), as well as other things (such as which tiles are walkable and which aren''t).

I don''t understand what your problem is though - does the image come out wrong or what?

sorry -

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