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All my Devices are Puredevices!! HELP!

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First, Hi @all i have a Problem. After Enumerate my devices all Devices are Puredevices. But i have a GForce and i need Software Rasterizing for Vertex Shader and Hardware Rasterizing for normal Vertex Processing. WHAT CAN I DO??? Where i have to describe, that i want a MIXED Device? Help me plz! Cu

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The pure cap merely indicates that the device *can* be pure *IF* you ask it to...

PUREDEVICE is an *OPTIONAL* flag you can set when calling CreateDevice().



Notice the difference between the above flags - the top 3 end with _VERTEXPROCESSING.

The PUREDEVICE flag is as optional as the MULTITHREADED device flag for example.

So on a GeForce you can simply specify D3DCREATE_MIXED_VERTEXPROCESSING, and *do not* specify PURE DEVICE and everything will work fine.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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