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Multiple drawing ports

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Okay, I want to do a sort of 2 player / split screen thing with DX8. Do you just make two different D3D Devices? Any help is appreciated. ----------------------------- Vash the Stampede "Love & Peace!"

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Guest Anonymous Poster

two devices is a bad idea.

instead think about using two different windows and creating a swap chain for each.

or mucking around with the viewport settings.
ie set the vp for player 1 and render.
then set the vp for player 2 and render


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Definately go for viewports IMO.

Clear all of the render target with a single call (some drivers are buggy when dealing with sub region clears). Then set each viewport and render the data in turn.

We do this in our engine and it works a treat. The only time you should need new swap chains is for windowed mode where different windows contain different views.

And the only reason you should ever create more than 1 device is for multiple monitor systems.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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