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how to calculate face normals?

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I now have a clue about BSP, but I need to calculate the face normals for all my polygons. I tried looking in the SKD docs, but they didn''t say. (it says normals are calculated by D3D when needed, so you don''t have to worry about them). Anyone know a formula to do this? Proceeding on a brutal rampage is the obvious choice.

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If you have three points of the triangle: A,B,C, then you do this:

vector Normal;
vector U;
vector V;

U = A - C;
V = A - B;

Normal = U cross V;

"Cross" is the cross-product. If A, B, and C are in counterclockwise order, this will return the correct normal... either that, or clockwise order, I forget.

~CGameProgrammer( );

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