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need on help on octree

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Now, I''ve done dividing my scene into an octree with many nodes and let just say that I''ve got a camera placing in a certain node with a certain FOV and yaw, pitch, roll data how can I tell if a node is within my view frustum ?? Is there any algorithms to do that ?? to traverse my tree and do the frustum culling ?? I''ve been browsing as far as I can go but I think all of the octree tutorial and articles fail to explain about this one..

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I''m in no way an expert, as I''ve never tried implementing an octree, however, you should be able to intersect your frustrum with your node. If it is in the frustrum, display it, if not, then reject it and all nodes it contains.

Something else to think about is treating the face of each cube as a polygon to be displayed and if it is partially contained within the veiw frustrum, then you know you have further processing to do, either display the contents or subdivide further.

As for an actual algorthim, I don''t have anything to give you.

Hope this helps a little or at least gets you thinking about some ways of accomplishing this.

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