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Terrain Engine

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Hello I am an artist on a project based of the Great Northern War fought between Sweden and Russia. The programmer on the game Stephen is currently working on the terrain engine for the game. However if I could find a dedicated and experienced programmer to help him out or completely take over the terrain engine development I would lift his burden and he can start work on the gameplay itself. Is there anyone interested, this is a serious project and I already have a publisher for the game. I hope there is someone out there interested in helping out with the game. The faster the engine gets completed the faster Stephen can start on the gameplay. We are currently 2 on this project, Me on the graphics side and Stephen on the programming side. The game is being developed under VC++ 6.0 and it is based of a Age Of Kings kind of engine. The engine is already working but needs to shape up a bit, so if anyone is interested they can mail me at and I will give you the programmer''s email address. /Magnus

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