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COM: Get the REFIID from CLSID?

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How can someone having the CLSID of the class in a COM object can expose the interfaces available? The only way I can see is to use QueryInterface in a loop until he/she "bumps" into an interface that is supported (quite ugly). Any better ways?

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Try using CoCreateInstance and the IDispatch interface along with the CLSID. Here's a snippet of how to do it in C

IDispatch *pIDispatch;
HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(&clsid, 0
, &IID_IDispatch, (void**)&pIDispatch);

ITypeInfo *pTypeInfo;
hr = IDispatch_GetTypeInfo(pIDispatch, 0, 0, &pTypeInfo);
// pIDispatch->lpVtbl->GetTypeInfo

BSTR interfaceName;
hr = ITypeInfo_GetDocumentation(pTypeInfo, -1, &interfaceName, 0, 0, 0);
// pTypeInfo->lpVtbl->GetDocumentation

From there you can use GetTypeAttr, GetFuncDesc, and GetDocumentation to retrieve method names.

For how to do it in C++ see


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Ok jesterlecodeur, suppose you make this interface that exposes all the REFIIDs of the interfaces supported by the COM dll. How would you then get the REFIID of this interface having only the CLSID?

Another way is to make a function that would do exactly that: return the REFIID of such an interface. Then with a "LoadLibrary" and a "GetProcAddress" you could get this function and then the interface and from there... talking about ugly ways! Let alone that I think it''s breaking the COM model of programming. I''ll better check the stuff lessbread sent me

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I''m curious myself as to whether the methods detailed in that article will produce useable interfaces - they might only give strings. If you don''t have adequate help info look for "automat.chm" and "automat.chi" in ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/developr/PlatformSDK/feb2001/common/help/
and "com.chi" and "com.chm" might also be helpful.

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