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Asian Characters and Resource Files

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I am trying to add a chinese translated .rc to an existing resource file, but I am having a few problems - specifically, the translated .rc won''t open in visual studio. It seems to be something to do with the unicode characters playing havoc with the resource editor. The main problem seems to be that some characters have ascii representations which includes quotation marks ("), which causes the parser to go nuts when they appear in the middle of a string. Anyone know of any solution to this? Is there some way I can tell the resource editor in MSVC to work properly with unicode characters?

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Sorry, I''m not an expert in this area. However, I believe you MAY need to have a localized version of the OS and tools (in this case, Chinese) in order to actually see and edit the data.

If the data is in multibyte format, then your English-oriented version certainly cannot read it. Multibyte uses 1, 2, or 3 bytes to describe each character. Special characters are used in the first byte of a multi-byte character (think of it as a shift character). Single byte tools get confused, because they interpret multibyte characters as not a single character, but as 2 or 3 separate characters.

What I''m not sure of is whether the .rc is has UNICODE. I doubt it, unless there is some marker in the data that says where the UNICODE data starts and ends.

Maybe check out MSFTs website in the area of internationalization. There may be more information there.

Sorry I couldn''t be of more help. Maybe someone with some hands-on experience in this area can answer.

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