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3D Engine Recommendation

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I am looking to license a 3D engine for one or more projects. These would not be games per se, but would essentially be detailed models of real-life locations. There are a couple of big shots (Quake, Unreal, Lith, etc.) but I know that there are many other ones available as well. Is there a place where I could possibly get some recommendations or pointers in the right direction to research what is available? Our requirements are: 1. Not $500,000 to license 2. Must be able to create very highly detailed environments, but they will be fairly small - a few rooms at most. It is important that it look as realistic as possible. I don''t care about fog and colored lights and particles and explosions and character modeling or networking, just a highly detailed 3D environment to walk around in. 3. The 3D environments will be interior only being able to see a great distance or see a cool sky or whatever is not needed. 4. Hardware requirements are irrelevant. We will only run this on our own PCs so if we need 2ghz CPUs and GeForce 3s, that is not a problem. If anyone can offer some assistance, it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!!

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