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Pointers or the real data?

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hi, my knowledge of C++ is code optimization, that is, when it is better to pass a pointer instead of the actual data. for example, i have a CVector3D class, and a CArray class, which stores the CVector3D´s as pointers. each of these items describe one vertex in my game engine. The same is done to normals, triangles, faces, meshes and so on, they are all stored in such pointer arrays. but i sometimes see code where it is usual to pass classes or structs directly. what is better? the good thing about pointers is that if i access one through a pointer variable, i can change it´s values and don´t need to reassign it to the array. but what´s about speed? greetings gammastrahler

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passing by reference is goinu be faster with adts, like arrays.

passing adt by value = create tempory adt and copy to it - a costly function.

when you pass by reference, there isnt any copying of data members.

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