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Classes to represent a list/viewbox?

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Suppose I have a dialog with 4 separate list/view boxes. What would be a good way to manage each box, with 1 class, or by their own classes? (some of the list/view boxes are of similar function). i hope that is clear. ~ I''''m a wannabe programmer ~

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You''ve hit on one of the fundamental design questions of OO programming. The issue of specialization/generalization is a tough one, and one that requires both academic study and real experience.

Essentially, you have to decide if the generalization of object behavior is worth the extra effort. The answer depends on how much useful generalization can be done in the class. Having a reuseable class that serves only one specific case is not a good use of your time.

The trick is to identify ''patterns'' in your usages. These patterns can be then generalized so that they can be easily reused in other situations. Once you''ve identified the reuse, spending the time to create a useful, reusable class is well worth it.

Sometimes, you work your way backwards. You write some code, and only later realize you should have generalized it for use in other situations. That''s ok; it''s part of the learning process, and the almost ''art'' of OO design. There''s a good book on OO Design Patterns; unfortunately, I don''t have it in front of me and can''t seem to pull it out of the old memory banks. Maybe someone here knows the book I''m referring to...

Btw: for all of our English readers, please substitute ''s'' for all the ''z''s (zed, if you must) :O

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ok, cool.
i am leaning towards created a separate class since i think i''ll be using it for other things as well.

Now I have another question.
I posted this question as a separate thread just a minute ago, but I will ask you this for the sake of asking you "directly."

Using my last example (a dialog with 4 listboxes), I''m trying to display files from a certain directory into one of those listboxes.

The problem: I''ve tried several ways and it wont show up.
Im using DlgDirList(). I can display one string at a time, but i would like to display everything at one time.

I am also calling the function within OnInitDialog().
My class I am using is derived from CDialog.

Could you help me with this one? It''s been keeping my thinking, with no success...and that naturally bothers me!

Side Note: Odd thing is that when i call DlgDirList() anywhere but OnInitDialog(), it crashes! Do you know why this is the case?

~ I''''m a wannabe programmer ~

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