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Guest Anonymous Poster
are these clipped polys?
fogged polys?
lite polys? if so, how many lights?
skinned polys?
meshed polys?
ray traced?
environment mapped?
front facing?

yes or no to any will change the answer.

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Anonymous Poster: Exactly!

Witchcraven: It really does depend on what you mean by pushing polygons - if you're talking about a totally arbitrary polygon soup without any sharing of vertices, its different to a model with a single strip etc..

Polygon soups are generally not the way things seem to be going. Even large indexed meshes or sets of strips become too cumbersome when the poly count gets too high - memory starts costing too much, as does bus bandwidth.

Graphics chips can already do well in excess of what you can possibly deliver over the various graphics bus. Almost all of the time (on the PC at least) you'll find yourself limited by bus, CPU, texture, fill rate etc, but rarely polygon throughput.

Future chips, and even the most modern chips are using methods of compressing vertex detail for later expansion inside the graphics chip to reduce the bus limits. Examples include displacement mapping, N-Patches, Bezier Patches etc.
This does make it difficult to come up with actual "maximum polygon" figures - for source models I actually expect counts to stay the same or probably even go down! - I'd expect the rasterised poly count to triple due to reduction of memory and transfer constraints.

Simon O'Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

Edited by - s1ca on February 1, 2002 7:23:58 PM

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