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SDL_BlitSurface problem

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void DrawStuff(SDL_Surface *image, SDL_Surface *screen) { SDL_BlitSurface(image, NULL, screen, NULL); } int main(void) { SDL_Surface *screen, *image; // Init SDL, set the video mode, load a bitmap into image... DrawStuff(image, screen); // Do everything to cleanly exit return 0; } ***** Why is it that the above program won''t work on my computer? All I get is a blank screen.

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Sheesh, this'll teach me not to read comments.
It's not as bad as I thought, your only missing a rectangle to blit to.

So in main() you declare a rectangle:

SDL_Rect dstrectangle; // a Destination Rectangle.

Then you give it attributes.

dstrectangle.x = 0;
dstrectangle.y = 0;
dstrectangle.w = image->w;
dstrectnalge.h = image->h;

Then you pass it do your DrawStuff()

And change your Blit call to:
SDL_BlitSurface(image, NULL, screen, &dstrectangle);

And vwallah.
Don't forget to check for errors.


Bah, You also forgot to update the screen.
If inside your SDL_SetVideoMode() you set SDL_DOUBLEBUF, then all you have to do is call SDL_Flip();

Put it in a loop which called DrawStuff() and SDL_Flip(screen); And all should work.

I'm going to create this program real quick to see if you missed anything else.


Edited by - AfroFire on February 1, 2002 7:52:51 PM

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Thanks for the help. I''ll try to use SDL_UpdateRect. I know I should always use it or SDL_Flip, but usually I don''t need to when blitting from main. Anyway, thanks for replying.

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