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.NET and Managed Extentions

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I''m looking at the .NET platform and I''m wondering if there''s any benefit to making games using managed extentions. Microsoft seems to be pushing the world in that direction, but I''m not sure this would be a good thing to take on right now. Has anyone been playing with the betas done any experimentation with this? Is it possible to write an application the will run as a managed or an unmanaged application, depending on the platform it''s on? Is there a lot of re-coding involved? Also, does anyone know of a good non-Microsoft site talking about what benefits I''d see if I were to upgrade to Visual Studio .NET? I don''t mean the ".NET is terrible because it''s from Microsoft" sites. I''m looking for something that didn''t come from Microsoft that gives you the low-down on what you get as a developer by upgrading to .NET. Thanks for any help.

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The new WinForm''s architecture is suppose to be the best thing since sliced bread. M$ hired the guy that made Delphi and CBC away from Borland to design the UI aspect of the new .Net stuff.

Essentially, .Net builds off of COM (in terms of OO architecture). It has many of the same capibilities and limitations, but instances objects in a a slightly different manor (which is good because CoCreate is slow as hell). COM objects an .Net object are suppose to be interpolable (which means they must be the same once they''re created).

I''ve been waiting for the gold version (should have it in a few more weeks) since I was too lazy to use the plain-jain compiler without the new IDE. Or rather, with the extremely-limited-in-functionality IDE.

You can mix managed & unmanaged code in a C++ project. By and large it have little impact on most games. If you used MFC prior for some dialogs, setup, or tools, the .Net stuff would be another reasonable choice.

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