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Anyone has an idea?

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Okay, this may sound a little strange but are any designers out there working "pro bono" ? The thing is that I want to program something, but I have proved myself to be very incomplete when it comes to desgining (sure I can think up the coolest games, but I cannot explain them and I cannot really werite good stories to keep them up) So anyone interested in trying something ... I dont know how this usually works, really, I am just a silly programmer. // Sebastian Jensen

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I would like to work on a multiplayer, continuous action, Worms clone. This has been my pet project for the past four months (while failing tolearn how to use any game API/SDK).

To clarify: A side scrolling game, each player controls a worm/ferret/evil little creature which can be armed with a host of different weapons.

Arrow keys move around, mouse aims. Simple.
Destroyable terrain is a must.

E-mail me or SPForge if you like the idea.

George D. Filiotis
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