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GBA question

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i was thinking of puting something to my game code, like a timer that would tell me when 1/30th of a second has passed so that i can lock my animations to 30 fps cause thats the speed i made them at is that a good idea? how would i do it?

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The GBA has 4 built-in timers, and they can be set to four different frequencies: once every 1, 64, 256, or 1024 clock ticks (which correspond to about 0.056, 3.8, 15.2 and 61 microseconds). There are 8 registers for the timers. For each timer, there is a control register and a register that actually tells you how much time has elapsed. They are defined as:

#define REG_TM0D *(u16*)0x4000100
#define REG_TM0CNT *(u16*)0x4000102
#define REG_TM1D *(u16*)0x4000104
#define REG_TM1CNT *(u16*)0x4000106
#define REG_TM2D *(u16*)0x4000108
#define REG_TM2CNT *(u16*)0x400010A
#define REG_TM3D *(u16*)0x400010C
#define REG_TM3CNT *(u16*)0x400010E

To initialize the timers, use the following definitions:

#define TIME_FREQUENCY_64 0x1
#define TIME_FREQUENCY_256 0x2
#define TIME_FREQUENCY_1024 0x3
#define TIME_OVERFLOW 0x4 // This causes the timer to increment when the timer below it overflows
#define TIME_ENABLE 0x80
#define TIME_IRQ_ENABLE 040 // This causes it to generate an interrupt when it overflows

REG_TMxCNT = TIME_FREQUENCY_y | TIME_ENABLE; // This enables timer x with a frequency of y
REG_TMxD = 0; // Reset the timer

// Do the following each frame:
start_time = REG_TMxD;

if(REG_TMxD - start_time > some_number) // Has 1/30 of a second gone by?

This is basically the stuff from http://www.thepernproject.com .

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