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Need help with basic RPG combat design

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Could anyone suggest and sources, or possibly provide the steps for calculating a basic combat melee in a RPG? Traditional Paper and Dice would be: Strike -> Dodge -> Damage What are some calculations for a simple computer game, and how should these relate to strength, dexterity, intellegence.

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The possibilities here are endless. All you have to do is look to the various role playing games out there.(paper based)

-Is damage a single number or range of numbers?
-Are there more than one type of damage?
- If so can they be resisted in some fashion?
- How is resistance applied.
-How many skills can play into combat?
-Are there multiple attacks? Counterattacks?
-Does armor reduce damage or simply evade damage?
- Does it do both if so how is the number broken down?
-How do player stats affect all of the above?

As you can see there are many questions and this list is by no means exhaustive. One of the hardest things you will find doing is coming up with a balance.

-How many health points should a monster have versus the player and the players armor?
-How much damage should a weapon do versus monster heath points and player stats?
-What modifiers apply to position for damage, or to hit?(ie running away so attack from behind, attack a sitting or sleeping person)

In coming up with the answer for combat, you will design a significant portion of you mobiles stats, player stats, mobile AI, and object stats. Whatever remains in these areas will be peacetime functionality. I would recommend a simple approach. Design your mobiles, objects, and players first. Throw arbitrary numbers in places your unsure.(make best guess), then iterate through the object, mobile, player design while building you combat engine. This will hopefully get you close to a balance. When designing you mobiles make them as close to players as possible. This will give you a solid base to vary from because you will have similar numbers to work with. Also adding an object such as a weapon to a mobile won''t be nearly as hard to balance because it should have a similar effect as if adding it to a PC.

ps It is now easy thing to do what you are asking and there is no easy way as there are variations to everything that have pros and cons. This is very much a learn by failure type of task. Good luck.

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Basically i want to start simple... If anyone remembers the old LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) your player put on his chainmail, grabbed a sword, then ventured into the woods.

Let's imagine the following Player

Experience of 20% as a knight

Strength 60
Dexterity 30
Intelligence 20

Armour has a AR or 10
Sword has a Damage of 20

Hit Points (Strength + Armour) = 70

What would the process of the melee against an equal knight for a basic hack and slash, grab the gold and run? Are there any examples/links to combat examples?


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If you want to start simple, my suggestion would be just do a direct translation of a pencil-and-paper RPG combat system. After you get that down you can try to get fancy.

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