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Please help me.

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I''m new to this forum so first I''d like to say hi to everyone. Now down to business. I have this great idea for a graphic adventure game but don''t know how to get it off the ground. Originally I thought it up as an Indiana Jones game but LucasArts don''t take game ideas from outsiders. Anyhow it is basically like a mixture of "Fate of Atlantis" and "Flashback" and is very character and plot driven. I don''t know how to get it started as Lucas have sent it back without looking at it. I have no programming know how and very little money to start to learn. What should I do? Thanks Ian Morgan

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Hey Ian. Hope you can learn a bit from these forums.

With no programming knowledge, you''re in a bit of a difficult position. In the amateur scene, it''s unlikely you''ll convince a stranger to program your game for you. I am given to understand that it''s hard enough finding a good artist for a game already being programmed!

I''m currently working on an adventure game engine a little like yours (but specifically for PocketPC) so I can bring to life a vision that''s been floating around in my head for a while.

I would say your best bet straight off is to see if you have any programmer friends who would collaborate with you.

Failing that, you might want to think about learning to program. It''s possible to begin learning languages like C++ and Java from beginner books going cheap at bookshop sales, and there are alternatives to, or student rates for the expensive programming environments like Microsoft Visual Studio. Just don''t expect to be making games straight away.

Another option, for the adventure game maker at least, is to learn to write scripts for existing game engines like SLUDGE. The nitty-gritty "programming" is replaced by more simple script-like coding, and the guys who make these engines are usually pretty helpful.

Finally, you may be able to join a team as a creative member doing plot, art, etc. but you may have trouble realising your own vision there, because the others in the team will have their own ideas.

Best of luck. Don''t let people shoot you down too quick!


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Since everybody has their own ideas, and most people think their own ideas are great, you''ll be very very very unlikely to ever find anyone willing to implement your idea unless you pay them to do it. So as has already been said, the way most likely to work is to do it yourself. One way to develop games that is easier than learning C++ is PyGame which uses the Python language. Python is easier to read and write than C++ and is a good way to get started in programming, if you so choose.

If you insist that you don''t want to program, you can post asking for help on the Help Wanted forum, but you are unlikely to find anyone wanting to create your game for you, as ideas are cheap.

Good luck.

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I would like to suggest that you continue to write while your either trying to learn to program or waiting to get a team together. Work out you entire game (ie. story, design, concept art). Work it over a few times to refine it. If you are trying to get a team together and you have a solid design for a game you might make a simple website and post it. Then go back to Help Wanted forum and post a link to it to see if you can stimulate interest in it that way. Probably not what youre looking for but thats sort of what I''m doing.

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