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Direct3D and mesh questions

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well, my question is quite simple (this is strictly related to Direct3D) : for information, I loaded my mesh using D3DXLoadMeshFromXFile 1. is LPDIRECT3DINDEXBUFFER8 equal to DWORD* pIndices ?? if it''s not than what is it ?? 2. Does ID3DXMesh also contains an index buffer, without performing the Optimize method ?? 3. Can I change the drawsubset using this code ?? //ppIB is a pointer to IndexBuffer //ppVB is a pointer to VertexBuffer //curFVF is FVF for the mesh for i=0 to number of material in a mesh g_pd3dDevice->SetStreamSource(0,ppVB,sizeof(curFVF)); g_pd3dDevice->SetVertexShader(curFVF); g_pd3dDevice->SetIndices(ppIB,0); D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE attrib=pAttribTable; g_pd3dDevice->DrawIndexedPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP,attrib.VertexStart,cVertices,attrib.FaceStart,attrib.FaceCount); it seems that I can''t or something is wrong with my code. 4. I can''t get the AttributeTable from a mesh, this is the code : D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE* pAttribTable; DWORD AttribTableSize; g_pMesh->GetAttributeTable(pAttribTable,&AttribTableSize); The result is always NULL, can somebody tell me what is the purpose of the second parameter ?? Is it the same as the number of material in a mesh ?? I''ve try to set the AttribTableSize with the number of material but that didn''t work as it always set to 0. 5. The reason I want to do this is that I want to hide a certain part of the mesh based on its texture/material by not drawing the faces, for ex. I want to hide all of the faces that using a banana texture but draw everything else. How can I tell which faces related to the material and how to override the drawsubset method ?? Thank you very much for reading this very long posting.. I hope somebody can give me a solution or anything.. I do respect if someone give me ideas on how it''s done.. but please not just a generic ideas. Trying to implement it in Direct3D is very hard since the documentation on many functions and interfaces really sucks.. and I''ve spent hours trying to figure out the hard way what are those for, how it works and what are those damn parameters really meant to.. :p

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