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Scripting and Forth Party

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Hello all. I''m currently putting together my own scripting language + interpreter for a game project of mine (interlock.deninet.com). I had consulted a professor of mine about some of the semantics. The language, DEML -- Denizen Entertainment Markup Langage, is much like basic XML/HTML, a heirarchial structure of opening and closing tags. Each field is concidered a function, and returns some value -- even if all they do is return something. Additionally, I''m adding some extentions for flow control, arithmatic, logical, and comparison operators...etc, etc. He thought that I was wasting my time. I''ve been looking into adopting some "4th party" scripting system, lua, smallC, even a modified Scheme parser. None of these languages don''t fit very well with the concept of the Scene Tree, which I feel fits much better with the heirarchial nature of DEML. Would it be justified to slap me with a large trout, or do I have a point? -Solstice deninet.com aeris.deninet.com "...I was given three choices, the earth, the stars, or..."

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/me votes for the large trout.

Unless you have a damn good reason, it''s always better to use existing tools. Good reasons include a different design point or the inability to extend any existing tools (for which source is available) to meet your needs.

I would advise you spend your time and energy writing a scripting lobby instead - an interface that allows you (or your users) to use pretty much any scripting language, provided there is a "lanugage import/description module" for it. So while the game may ship with Python, lua and Ruby support, an interested user could provide support for Perl, smallC, java-script, VBScript...

That''s what I''m thinking about doing.

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Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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