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Speed issues with fonts.

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Im currently using bitmap fonts after having modified the code from nehes tutorial ( lesson #13 ). They are working perfectly, however, whenever I display even a simple 5 letter word on screen my fps takes a massive hit, 15-20 fps. My computer isn''t the highest spec machine on the planet, so a loss of 20 fps is a pretty big hit. Now is this problem inherent with the use of bitmap fonts? If so what is a better method to display text to the screen? Thanks in advance for any help.

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the fonts used in lesson 13 are very slow, because (correct me if I''m wrong) but every dot is an individual vertex... and if they are scaled, you could be rendereing 1000''s of dots... which is utterly pointless. and the bigger the text, the more dots to render seperatly.

using texture mapped quads, using a font texture is easily the fastest, and in my opinion, the best looking 2D way to display text. that way, it''s 2 triangles per letter, no matter their size.

it''s just more complex compared, as you have to go into alpha channel usage.

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yeh i noticed that too
i did some testing a while back
so i cant recall the exact results
but i recall that using the non bitmap fonts gave my fps a massive beating
i was getting more then 200+ fps with bmp fonts after writing more then 20 - 30 letters
cant recall
coulve been just 100 but still the more u type the worse the performance

btw how u ppl handle the alpha channel stuff when cr8ing the font piccis?
i use photoshop 7 and altho i can get the alpha mask quite easily
it tends to look quite shit
well ive found ways of improving it but yeh
any suggestions?
i mainly need it coz when the letters are small they are impossible to read

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I use GIMP (win32 port) to make the alpha channels for my images, or I make two seperate bitmaps and use my own code to join them into a single png with alpha channel.

One thing I do though in font and icon displays is not bother with an alpha channel in the file (saves a little bit of space and time in making the image - can use ms-paint this way). Instead I designate a colour (I use 24bit so I have a fair bit available) to the "invisible" colour. When the file is loaded, it simply cycles through the image, and if it it is the "invisible" colour, it sets the alpha channel to 0, otherwise 1.

This method does slow down loading time (extra cycles) but it makes the image creation easy as hell.

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