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Texture Resizing

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I was just wondering if someone could explain to how I can prepare an image for resizing in different resolutions? Its for is a splash screen.. Im using a 1280x960.jpg across a two triangles which cover the screen and bringing it in through D3DXCreateTextureFromFile.. It displays fine in 800x600 and above just not 640x480 - completely all messed up.. Im new to all this and help would be great. Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
This is for DX8 but you could try using the ID3DXSprite interface. The 2D drawing interface has resizing, rotation, and heaps more.
All it need is to give it a IDirect3DDevice8 interface you''ve obtained and use the draw func, don''t forget to ''Flip(...)'' however.
(doesn''t seem to work with the dubug developer runtimes however?).

Also note that when loading textures with the D3DXCreateTextureFromFile, unless you use the ''Ex'' version to specify a size it will resize your image to 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ... X 1, 2, ...

I havn''t done much anything 3D (i assume that your using textured primatives?) so i''m sorry for waisting your time if this doesn''t help any.

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dont use such high resolution.
or just "mip-map" it down.
(pass 0 for the levels parameter when create-texture).
or take the resolution of your display, grow it to the next divider of the image-size, and sample the image down at load-time.
straight-forward average-filter will do.


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