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error C2061

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i ve got this error "error C2061: syntax error : identifier ''t3DModel''" when compiling a project. ''t3DModel'' is a structure define in an another header. The most crazy is that i use the same code in an other project and i don''t have this error.

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oki but i have already use this part of code and i have not this error.
Well i explain you a little more (sorry for may english :-) )
i ve make a project using only opengl which load an .ase.
Now i try to use SDL, so i ve begining by initializing a SDL window which can support opengl. Then, i import in my project some files :
- file1 (cpp + header) contain a class to render an .ase
- file2 (header) contain structure to make an "objet" from an .ase
- file3 (cpp + header) contain a class that initialise a Windows windows, draw elements, and a special functions to draw an .ase (this is the function that make the error).

When i ve did it, vc++ tell me that i need an .dll that i don''t find. And i don''t understand why it ask me this (it s the same code than the other project).
So i try to add file one bye one to see which of them is causing the need of the dll file. I add the cpp file3 at the end and i ve got this error.

The only difference between the two project is that i use "an empty project" for the one base on SDL so i have not an stdafx.h file, so i make and includes.h file where i make all my includes.

ouf finish :-)

thx for your help

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Okay u find why i ve got this error but don''t really understand why (i just take back the file3 include in my includes file, maybe it includes it self ?).
But now it ask me for "MSVCP70D.dll" which i don''t found on the net.

thx for your help.

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