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How do I add my program to an icon's right-click menu?

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For instance, if I''m browsing my computer, and right-click an icon, the menu might look something like this..
Open in New Window
Add to .zip
Add to .rar
CuteFTP Upload ->
Send To
My question is, how do I add my program to that menu? I made an ID3 Viewer that I''d like to be in that list..so you can easily right click an MP3 and select "View ID3". Any help?

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The easiest one is to put a shortcut to your program in the "C:\Windows\SendTo\" folder. It''ll show up in the Send To popup menu. It''s not quite what you want but it''s close.

If you want to do the actual shell extension, I''m sorry. I don''t know. But it probably takes little more than a registry tweak.

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i dont know how, but im sure its something to do with creating a registry key (in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT perhaps?) for the file extension.

im not 100% sure, but when i installed an app and unintstalled it, the damn thing didnt clean up after itself and the option was still there when i right clicked some files. i went registry hunting and removed a registy key and fixed the problem.

the end.

im sure some good folk here knows more than me and would be able to help.

EDIT: dang, beat to it. also, dont play with regisrty without making a backup first, just incase

Edited by - Bezzant on February 3, 2002 8:33:47 PM

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dude, i worked it out i got my own packing format .bez and tested an idea on that, it works. email me if you want and i'll explain... need sleep, tis late and i gotta be up insanly early

ok, quick..

you need to open regedit, then find the .mp3 key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

then it should have..


well, you need to create a new key in "OpenWithList" and name it your programs filename... i.e. ID3Viewer.exe

then when you right click the file then goto "open with" your program will be in the list.

heh, also worked out out to get it to execute your program when you double click the file. learn something new everyday

im gonna guess when you use open with that the filename is passed to the program as a command line parameter or something.

edit: damn spacing, had to use fullstops

Edited by - Bezzant on February 3, 2002 8:52:42 PM

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