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Updating SDKs

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When I downloaded service pack 5 for visual studio I noticed they have a huge assortment of SDK updates to download. The "core" one is a whopping 230 MB ! Will there be much difference between this and the SDK I''m using? I guess I have the "orignal" VS6 SDK, which I installed over two years ago... - seb

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The version of the Platform SDK (the core one) which ships with MSVC 6 is from the Windows 95 days (~1997), back then, Windows 98 was still in beta, and Windows 2000 hadn''t been announced.

So since then, new functions have been added to the Windows core, new documentation has been written, new DLLs are present etc. The version of the PSDK with MSVC doesn''t have support for the new, specific functions/updates for:

Windows 98 *
Windows 98SE *
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP

You can still write code which will work on those OSes, just not write code which takes advantage of specific new features.

[*] Windows 98 is partially supported, but was in beta so some things changed after that release. To enable the beta headers, put a "#define WINVER 0x500" above anywhere you include windows.h. The only real time I''ve ever had to do that is to get multimonitor code working (multimon support is an example of a new feature added to Windows 98 which wasn''t in Windows 95)

If the 230Mb is too prohibitive you can purchase the platform SDK on CD from MS

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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I have downloaded it a couple of months, and there was an option ot download only the headers and the .lib and some other little stuff. Ended up being around 40mb

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