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I've created this small opengl game and I need some feedback on the kind of machines it runs on and hopefully some positive cristism. Download at Fairies the VideoGame I already know it suffers on machines with either a poor graphics card or below 500 Mhz so dont bother mentioning that. Thanks in advance and enjoy the game. Edited by - omega_001 on February 4, 2002 10:27:21 AM

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The particles look quite good.
The jauge looks damn good.

But how do we die ?

I tried to let some fairies go over the top of the screen, and sometimes I "lose" a bit life, but a few seconds later the life jauge raises again.

Of course that's how the game is supposed to go, but it's way too easy : I let the game go without shooting for a few minutes and I still didn't get game over. I know that I'm good at video games, but not that much

Edit: OOops I forgot I could change the difficulty level. oh sorry about that one
The 'easy' level still remains too easy, IMO, though.

Edited by - vincoof on February 5, 2002 2:14:38 AM

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Your life should increase if you kill a green fairy.
If this is not the case then I'll try and work out whats causing the problem.

You die when your energy gauge reaches zero (on easy its not likely to happen).

White and Red fairies do more damage the higher the difficulty settings so on the harder settings you are more likely to die especially if your processor favours generating the no. 50.

The Easy settings was really made for children who aren't very good at games hence why its so hard to die.

However the hard setting (three fairies) is meant for more skilled people as fairies do more damage when they escape and power ups are less common.

Because the fairies characteristics are generated randomly the game may be easy one time but harder the next.

Glad you enjoyed the game.

Edited by - omega_001 on February 5, 2002 5:25:47 AM

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