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[java] GameFrame w/ GL4Java

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Hi everybody. Recently I''ve been working on enhancing Javanerd''s GameFrame API to use OpenGL for 2D graphics rendering. It''s been going good; you guys can take a look at a screenshot at: http://www.amorphous-productions.com/images/gl4j-gf-screenshot.jpg It''s a demo of 500 sprites spinning around wildly. The computer I was running it on is an Athlon 750 w/ 384 Mb RAM and a GeForce2 TI/450 graphics card. I was able to get 1000 spinning sprites without noticeable slowdown which was good enough for my tests (I tried 5000 but that was a little too much :-D ). I haven''t gotten around to implementing all of GameFrame''s GraphicsEngine functionality but there''s enough to get sprites on the screen, move ''em, and rotate ''em around. I''ll be posting a CVS snapshot in the next couple days (along with source of the demo) on my website. Also, I added an XML-based engine plugin system where you can register your own custom sound, graphics, input, etc. engines in an XML file so that they will override the default jdk1.x, or msjava equivalents. Quite usefull since I was too lazy to make a full engine implementation for my OpenGL additions (I would''ve just called the jdk1.2 implementations anyways). I''m not sure if that''s too kludgy for most people (it requires the JDOM7 and Xerces jar files to work) but I''ll leave it like that for now since I like my hierarchical config files.

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Ok I put up a snapshot of what I got in my CVS repository at home . . . if any of you guys try this out, please tell me. And if you have any trouble installing, then by all means, reply to this post.

Here''s the link:


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