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Some equations...

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I was wondering, in the equation Angular_accel = Torque / Inertia. What units are used for each variable? And how might I implement this rotation using radians?

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Inertia == moment of inertia. The angular accelaration and torqe are vectors and the moment of inertia is a 3x3 matrix (called the inertia tensor). So to implement it you need to work with vectors and matrices.

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Instead of using matrices, do it the real way. Multiply them.

A torque is a force on an arm.
Inertia in generally how much it doesn''t want to move
Angular acceleration is the acceleration of the ball.

Firstly you don''t need inertia to do the basic one.

The forumal is this
Torque = mass * radius^2 *Angular accelertaion

If we use inertia, it is works out as the sum of all the mass*radius after calculating it, so we just replace that in the forumla.
Torque = Inertia * Angular Acceleration

These are the units
Torque : Nm (newton metre)
Angular Acceleration : rad/sec (radians per second)
Inertia : Nm^2 (neton metre squared)
mass : N (newton)
radius : m (metre)

You don''t need to use matrices, you can just multiply the values.
Pretend you are an engineer or physicist, not a mathematician - each is better at different things.

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