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Manually bltting Bitmaps to DD Surfaces

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First forgive me if this question has been answered before but i could not find one. I''m having difficulty in copying a DIB to DirectDraw surface by locking and manually copying the bits( for a DirectShow rendering filter). This works well on almost all bitmaps except when the bitmap is oddly size (say 720 x 480) and the dib is bottom up. It only happens on a few video cards, and only when the bitmap is bottom-up. When its bottom-up (almost always) I.... BytePointerToSurface += Width * Height * BytesPerPixel - Pitch; Getting me to the beginning of the last scan line. And Pitch = -Pitch; This should work, should it not? I''ve been given suggestions about the bitmap being a multiple of 4 but its always a multiple of 4. What happens when the problem arises is the bitmap is off set( half on the left side, half on the right side with a break in the middle of the screen). I''m quite lost as to what would cause this. Dysprosium Software Bobby Ward - COM Guru in training

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