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FPS Survery

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Hi I''d appreciate if you could just spend a minute to answer 8 objective questions. I''m a uni student intending to do a FPS. I''d like to know what ppl look for in FPS.THis would assist in the design of one. 1. Have you played a first person shooter game before? 2. Rate the importance of frame rates of the game compared to other aspects of the system such as the quality of 3d models used, 3d effects, game play, and others? (5: most important; 1: least important) 3. How fast should frame rates (per second) be in a full screen FPS? a. Not sure b. 0 > 30 c. 30 >= 40 c. > 40 4. How many cells or sections should a world map have for you to explore a. 1 cell b. 2 – 10 cells c. 11 – 15 cells d. > 16 cells 5. What kind of effects would you look for in a first person shooter game’s world? (You may tick more than 1) 0 Lighting effects 0 Shadows 0 Multi texturing 0 Mirror effects 0 Teleporting portals 0 Others: ____________________________ 6. How many people should be able to log onto the same network game session? a. 1 – 5 players b. 6 – 10 players c. 11 – 15 players d. > 16 players 7. What kind of weapons should the player have? Please state specifically, if possible 0 Assault rifles:___________ 0 Small arms:___________ 0 Missile launchers:___________ 0 Others:___________ 8. What would you expect in a First Person Shooter (FPS) game?

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