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best format for textures in 3D

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gif is useless unless you want to use 256 colors only, not because its a compressed format (though i hate gifs with a passion due to the patent issues surrounding them which originally were not a problem).

compression can be lossy (jpg, mpg, mp3, rm, etc) or lossless (tga*, bmp*, zip, png). lossless compression does not affect image quality at all. they are fine to use, and i would siggest using pngs as they support alpha channel and have the best compression ratio. also libpng is easy to use, though with tga you could probally write your own reader yourself. thoug this question has been asked recently, you really should try looking through the board first (there is a search option).

* side note: bmp supports rle compression. tga supports rle and lzw.

EDIT: png have best LOSSLESS compression ratio

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