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Direct Audio 8?

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Ok ive been playing with direct audio, I managed to get the tutorials sound to load ( the SDK one ) but I couldnt get my own to. I figured it was the part that sets the directory to look at but I couldnt figure out that anyways heres the code
WCHAR current[MAX_PATH] = L".";
    // Set the search directory.
        GUID_DirectMusicAllTypes, // Types of files sought.
        current,             // Where to look.
        FALSE             // Don''t clear object data.

	WCHAR wstrFileName[MAX_PATH] = L"sacrgame.wav";

    if (FAILED(Loader->LoadObjectFromFile(
        CLSID_DirectMusicSegment,   // Class identifier.
        IID_IDirectMusicSegment8,   // ID of desired interface.
        wstrFileName,               // Filename.
        (LPVOID*) &Segment       // Pointer that receives interface.
        MessageBox( NULL, "Media not found, sample will now quit.", 
                          "DMusic Tutorial", MB_OK );
        return 0;
Now if its messed, tell me :-) Im not sure how to set to look in the current directory, could anyone help? or maybe a file sound directory, thanks see ya.

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