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Restoring Textures in DX8

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I would like to know how to restore textures when you have minimized your application and then restore it. I used to do this with 2D application in DX7. Does this need to be done when workin with DX8 in 3D. Do I also need to restore or recreate the D3D8 object or device. Go on an Intense Rampage

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Lost things are much clearer and cleaner in DX8.x.
The D3D device can be lost, you free any video memory resources you have, "reset" the device, and restore the resources which require it.

Managed resources take some of the pain away in the same way as they did in DX7.

Take a look in the docs:

DirectX Graphics ->
Programmers Guide ->
Using Direct3D ->
About Devices ->
Lost Devices

contains the info you need. Also the sample framework in the SDK shows correct restoration/reset behavior IIRC.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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