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[java] clipping and similar methods

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i need to increase the fps in a game (~50 fps average right now, ~100 would be nice). i know the trick is to just draw what have been changed since the last frame. i can''t get clipping to work properly. i can get it to work when i have ONE sprite moving around since then i just have to set the clip to the sprites bounding box. when i have lots of sprites i have to change the clipping for each sprite resulting in just the last one to be drawn. i also used another approach. i tried to "copy" a part of background and then just draw image and the a sprite on top of if. somehow it just appears as a white rectangle instead of the actual image. some pseudo:
main class {
  // ..

  paint(Graphics g) {
    draw background;
    draw all sprites;
    draw the backbuffer;

  update(Graphics g) {
    for (all sprites) {
      create some kind of image which is small (32x32);
      draw that part of the background;
      draw the sprite;
   draw the backbuffer;

  //. .


any help is appreciated. btw, i tried jikes today and it''s sooo fast (atleast much faster than javac)

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