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Icon Editor sample for VC++

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omega_001    122
what do you mean by ICON Editor sample?

VC (well VC 6 anyway)already comes with an icon editor.

To use it create a project and add a resource template to your project (File->New select New File).

Then right click the resource icon with the mouse and select add new resource.

From the list select icon and an icon editor should appear. Use the paint tools to draw the icon you want.

When your happy with the icon compile your work and your application will now have you own personal icon. No source code needs to be written as long as the resource file is added to the project properly.

Hope this helps.

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t0ne    124
Didn''t there used to be a icon editor sample in the platform SDK ?
If so, you''ll need to obtain a copy of the SDK from Microsoft, either download it or from the MSDN. Visual Studio does not ship with the full platform SDK, just a subset.
It maybe worth doing a search at MS and seeing if it''s available as a seperate download.

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vincoof    514
An Icon Editor is just an Image editor where the file format is limited to icon formats.

You should take a look at Image Editor (or Picture Editor, I don''t know which term is better). There exist a lot of stuff on the web about it.

The only difference between an Incon Editor and a Picture Editor is that the Icon Editor may be able to write the Icon into an exisiting file, eg replace an exe''s icon with your own icon (although it has its limitation : you can only replace an exe''s icon with an icon that has the same size/color depth as the already existing icon).

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