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Textures, Tilesets, and 2D oh my!

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Yep, you guessed it.. im doing a 2D game in OpenGL. ok, here''s the deal- i want to have largely diverse and colorful tilesets, but i dont want to lose alot of people to older hardware (i mean, it''d be pretty crazy to have a 2d game with minimum system requirements of a Geforce3 ) so my question is this: what is the maximum size i can have a tileset while still keeping a good sized portion of video cards on my compatibility list? Im totaly aware of the power of two rule,but say i have a tileset that is 1024x1024 or even 2048x2048- will those tilesets still work as long as i keep them powers of two? or will i have to write a custom algo that splits the bitmap up before applying it to a texture? -eldee ;another space monkey;

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