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ifstream and for loop

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Motwner    122
The following code will not work correctly. What happens is the axis output a memory location. If you have any idea whats wrong or need more of an explanation please post. char *fileptr="engtxt.txt"; ifstream DatFile;,ios::binary); if (!DatFile) { cout<<"Cannot open the file"; DatFile.close(); //Close File } DatFile>>Sector.quad; //Read DatFile to chOut Sector.Square=new cSquare[Sector.quad]; float newx,newy,newz,newu,newv; for(int q=0;q>newx>>newy>>newz>>newu>>newv; Sector.Square[q].Vertex[vert].vx(newx); Sector.Square[q].Vertex[vert].vy(newy); Sector.Square[q].Vertex[vert].vz(newz); Sector.Square[q].Vertex[vert].vu(newu); Sector.Square[q].Vertex[vert].vv(newv); } } cout<

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