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3D Texturing

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Hi, Ok, so Im starting to get into 3D game programming (using OpenGL), and I figure I start with creating tD model that I will be using in my game. I managed to create a decent looking model, but come texturing, I''m stuck. Im trying to create a spaceship (or a futuristic vehicle) and I''ve gone to this site: for inspiration. This guy can really create nice looking models/textures. Basically I''m trying to create a space ship using his tutorial, and I''ve tried to use his technique, but it just doesn''t look as good (or right). Is there an technique used to creating such textures? You know, the ones that look really nice on low-polygon 3D models? BTW, Im using Blender and The Gimp. Bye! -- Gautam N. Lad

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