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Text based adventures???????

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When some one says they are writing a text based adventure/rpg game what exactly do they mean is it like: Press 1 to go into the town Press 2 to go on the path around town Press 3 to cheack your item etc etc Or is it like making a map with ASCII characters like: ------------------------ | | | | | | _ | | ______| / \ | | | / \| | | |___|| | | | ------------------------

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Could be either, but I''d say the first one. Or something like:

You are on a path. What now?
> go north
You are in a cave. What now?
> look
There are bats on the ceiling.
> go east
You died.

Always remember the most important rule of text based adventuring - almost everything kills the player and he must start from the beginning again.

P.S. Don''t add lots of question marks after your topic title - it makes you look childish, and shows disrespect for other posters. Their posts deserve to get answered just as much.

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