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Hi All, If you are interested in GDI+, someone on the Delphi-JEDI mailing list has already ported most ( if not all ) of the GDI+ for use with Delphi. So check the Delphi-JEDI-site @ for a JEDI approved version or go directly to to see what has been done so far. Also the whole Windows 2000 API and probably most of the XP ones have been ported for Delphi use. These are available on the Delphi-JEDI site @ and look for It also includes some .NET convertions ( which ever they are ). This was a super human effort by Marcel van Brakel, which has been received by Borland with deathly silence ( much to my disappointment ). So send some emails to and anyone else you can get an email address of at Borland and let them know that us Delphi users are not amused. I have sent mine off already. Dominique. := for all your Object Pascal game development needs; := for all your Object Pascal game development needs;

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